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One minute pitch    
1 Minute Pitch
Do you find yourself having to work around your dry cleaners opening hours?
Is getting to the dry cleaners a time consuming chore you could do without?
Would you like your dry cleaner to provide truly excellent customer care but you don’t see why you should pay extra for it?
Would you prefer your dry cleaner to be environmentally aware?
Do you want reasonable prices and no hassle?

We Can Help
Dry Cleaning Direct has convenient schedules, and you can place your order any time of day or night.
Our online ordering system means that placing your dry cleaning orders can now take less than 2 minutes. Give us a go and see for yourself.
We have dedicated customer care staff whose sole responsibility it is to ensure that you are provided with the best service around.
Does your dry cleaner provide dedicated customer care staff?
Our prices are surprisingly reasonable. Not only do we collect and deliver your items but we provide a high quality clothes care service using the latest technology and equipment AND we include FREE MINOR REPAIRS.
Register here and give us a go. We will offer you £2.50 off your first order. If you aren’t entirely satisfied we will give you a 100% refund.
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