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Office registration

Registering for our 'Office' Collection & Delivery service is very simple. Two simple steps are required:

Step 1 We need to know the name of your company and the location if it has more than one site.
Step 2 We need your basic details.

Locating your company

To locate your company just enter the name of the company you work for. This can be the full company name or just part of the company name.

We will try our best to locate your firm.

New companies requiring office dry cleaning

If your company doesn't exist as part of our services or you would like your company to offer this service, please contact us.

Customer registration for office collection & delivery
If this is the first time you have used our Office service then use this page to set your account up with us.

On average this takes between one and two minutes.
In order for us to know where you are the first thing we need is the name of your company.

Step 1. Please enter the name of your company.

Your company will already need to be providing the service to employees.

If they are not, contact us for more information on how to get the service in your company.

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