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We are looking into every aspect of our business to work out how we can reduce the impact on the environment of us all. There are three main areas we are working on:

Chemicals    Plastic Bags    Hangers

Chemicals – This is quite a tricky area. The industry standard ('perc'), used by about 85% of the industry, is highly effective. Our dry cleaning machines have stills and condensers on the back (which makes up about 2/3rds of the size of the machine so almost all the 'perc' is recovered clean, recycled and reused). All waste is disposed of strictly to Government regulations and within the terms of our licences.

We take great care to regularly clean, service and maintain the machine to ensure maximum efficiency with the main aim being the protection of the environment. We also keep careful records for each and every load to monitor the machine’s efficiency.

There are more environmentally friendly alternatives. We have one machine dedicated to the 'GreenEarth' cleaning process. This is a gentler cleaning which we use on some items. It also doesn't use the chlorine based 'perc'. We are happy to use this for your items at no extra charge. Just put a note on your order to let us know.

There is also a system of cleaning called 'Aquaclean'. At the moment it is so new that garments do not carry the symbol for its use and very few cleaners are even aware of its existence. We are already using the new process.

Plastic bags and covers – We are happy to receive items in any recycled plastic bag. Alternatively use one of our reusable cotton draw string bags or suit carriers. They are expensive, but can be used many times, are easy to clean and better for our environment.

We also supply reusable carry bags and suit carriers.

Hangers – More and more of our customers are now returning hangers to us. This only saves us pennies, but reusing all that metal saves the planet loads. Many of our customers want to help us and its great to know we share the same values. Thank you for your help in this.

We are looking to purchase an electrically powered van in the near future.

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