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What We Do?

The idea is pretty straight forward. Once you place an order via our website we receive an automated alert. The order is then added to our driver’s schedule. The driver then prints off the schedule and sets off on his ‘round’. At each pre-arranged drop off point he will pick up items that have been ordered and drop off freshly cleaned garments.

At this point all items are checked. This involves ensuring that the orders are complete and any special instructions are followed.

Whilst we use 'State of the Art' equipment we also know each item needs to be hand finished so it looks immaculate. It still requires the hands and skills of experienced people to do that.

We also spot all items which come in. That means we find the stains you have told us about and treat each one with weird and wonderful treatments as necessary. We have the skills and knowledge acquired over 36 years to deal with the many different fabrics, dyes and stains.

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